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The Cocker's news

Monday 31st January, and Little Boo is going back to the vets to be checked over, his legs seem much better, so we have decided not to re operate, but we are going to keep on with his medication. He is such a good dog, never complains, just accepts what ever comes his way.

31st Jan 2011

Thursday 21st April, and Little Boo is going for his 3 month check up on his legs, a little nervous is an understatement, as I think Little Boo (or not so little Boo) has put some weight on!!!!!! To add to the stress Jacob is also coming as he retrieved out of some brambles earlier in the week and caught his eye on a thorn, phew Boris is fine, just needs to go back in a month for blood tests, Jacob has got ointment for his eye and has to go back next week, I think I am to old for all this worry. Jacob went back and was discharged, Arthur went along as well (no show without punch!!!!) they both had their kennel cough, next week the little guys go!!!!

21st & 28th April 2011

Today is Boris's Birthday!!!! he's 11 today!!!! wow how quick does time go by, we havent done anything special today, but tomorrow Boris and I will go to Pets at Home and he can choose a toy!!! (or treats if I know Little Boo), he is also getting a bath (but dont tell him),

Thursday he has to go for a blood test, so fingers crossed, we will keep you all posted.

14th May 2011 - Happy Birthday Boo!!

Well Boris went off to Rutland House for his blood test, he is an odd little fellow, he just loves going to the vets, he couldn't wait to get in there, he made himself at home on the shelf of Duncan's computer desk!!! Not at all bothered he followed Duncan to get his blood done, and happily came trotting back when it was all finished. Now anyone who knows Little Boo will smile at the comment that Duncan made "Little Boo is positively motoring today!!!!!!!" I don't think Boris has ever motored anywhere!!!

He doesnt have to go back for three month's, which is good, Duncan seemed really pleased with his progress. A huge thankyou to Duncan and everyone at Rutland House Referals who have helped to make Little Boo happy again, I am forever in your debt.

19th May 2011

Today Boris is off to see Duncan at Rutland House Referals for his 3 month check up on his legs and bloods, as usual Boris can't wait to get in there, he just loves it.

Bloods are fine but we were told off as Boris has put some weight on, so a very strick diet for "Little Boo" until his next check up in Nov. On a positive note Boris has decided that he loves to chase tennis balls, can you imagine Boris chasing the ball, beating the Springers and rushing back with the ball!!!!!! you have to see it to believe it.

Oscar the picture of health, no trouble, or at least not much, on sunday he ate a whole Victoria Sponge Cake and the packaging!!! well thats Oscar for you.

18th Aug 2011

Well haven't the last three months gone over, time for little Boo to go for his three monthly check up on his leg, off we went to see Duncan at Rutland House, and again he just loves going. He trotted in and said hello to everyone in the waiting area, then rushed into Duncan's room to be seen. Had his blood tests done, then was really disappointed when he had to leave, his waistline has expanded a bit too much so back to the strick diet again.

Duncan was really pleased with him, saying he has never seen Boo move so well, phew!!!!! As usual Oscar is fine and dandy, just a little hungry horris as always.

21st Nov 2011

Ok, the Cockers are off for their annual check up and boosters, Boris can't wait, and Oscar well he has to much to say at the best of times!!!! Both are fine, Boris has lost a small amount of weight (hooray) and Oscar has put on a small amount of weight (booooooo). Oscar couldnt wait to get out as it was tea time!!! and little boo just wanted to stay and meet and greet everyone!!!! Glad thats over for another year.

29th Nov 2011

Well Christmas came and went, today is Oscar's Birthday 13 today!!!! and he is runnibg round like a spring chicken!!!, not knowing what to do first, eat his treats or destroy his toy,

28th Jan 2012 - Happy Birthday Oscar !!

Sorry for not much Cocker news, but they seem ok, Oscar now is on medication, for his back leg, as he is too old for the surgery, but he is doing great, and still wants to chase the ball in the park. He can also still stand on his back legs when it is meal time, as if that means he will get his first!!!!! (well worth the try Oscar), and if the postman comes along the Oscar can still get to the door first.

They are still on their strick diet (hopefully), but  they do seem to find the odd treat here and there.

9th April 2012

Well Boris's Birthday came and went, he got a fair few presents (all chosen by himself), so Boris is 12 years old, I can't believe it, he is still living life to the full, chasing squirrels and following the Springers just incase they drop their ball and he can bring it back and get the treat!!!! (not soft are you Boris?). Boris has learnt a new trick, he now does "CUTE" if you ask him to do cute he puts his head to one side and closes his eyes!!!! who says you can't teach old dogs new tricks!!!!

14th May 2012 - Happy Birthday Boris !!

Yep three months are up again, boris is off for his check up, he is a funny creature, straight in said hello then started pawing at Duncan's door!!! Everything fine, bloods done, over with for another three months, off home for tea.

22nd May 2012