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17th July 2012

Well today Oscar is off for his 6 monthly blood test, to say he has been trying this week is an understatement, Oscar has eaten a 7.5kg box of Gravy Bones!!!!!!! ALL TO HIMSELF,

Glad to say Oscar's Bloods seem fine and he has also LOST 1.5kg, can you believe that????? So all ok for another 6 months, fingers crossed.

Boris is off to the hospital for a quick check up on his leg, he seems to keep getting a small iritation from time to time, so some antibiotics later and he is ok, his kidneys are just the wrong side of border line, so operating isn't an option for little boo.  well fingers crossed he is ok for sometime yet,

18th Oct 2012


Well sorry for the lack of Cocker news, but we do have a few things to catch up on, First off Oscar had his bllod tests and all is well with him (phew a big sigh of relief).

boris went to see duncan at rutland Referals on Monday for his quarterly blood tests, the news was so good, were he had his operation on his back leg is troubling him and he is knibbling it (bad Boo), which suggests his pain relief isnt doing the job as well anymore, and also he has Pancreatitis, fingers crossed this will be able to be managed with medication,  funny how you know something isnt right, the others were protecting him when he was out, they wouldnt let other dogs come to close to him,  they won't knock into him, guess they really look out for each other . . . .  how reasuring is that. Boris will go back next week for more tests. . . . . . . . .

21st Jan 2013

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY OSCAR" !!!! wow what a way to start the week, Oscar is 15 years young today, how time flies when you are having fun, it only seems like yesterday when mum and I brought that little bundle of black & White fur home, and what a friend he has been to me, my soulmate and the reason for me to keep going I just love him to death, thank you Oscar for being the best friend ever.

28th Jan 2013 - Happy Birthday Oscar

Little Boo's birthday came and went, he had a great time, so now he is 13 years old, how time flies, as always Boris had a lovely day doing exactly what he wanted which is nothing diffrent to any other day,

14th May 2013 - Happy birthday boris

It is with a heavy and broken heart i write this entry, today my baby Oscar who was my soulmate, love of my life, the reason that I am here today, died,

He was a little unwell last night and I cuddled him all night while he slept, this morning he seemed brighter, but then at lunchtime, he calapsed, but then came round, his breathing was very heavy, and unsteady on his feet, i called the vet who asked me to bring him in, they were waiting for me at the door, and took him straight in, he didnt even try and get up from the table, it was decided that the kindest thing for Oscar was to let him go. I can't describe how I feel, except to say my whole world has just fallen in, for the last 15 years Oscar has been my companion through good times and alot of bad times, always willing me to pull myself together and struggle on, in the end I couldn't will him to get better, but I was with him until the end, rest now little one, and wait for me, i will be looking for you, you will always be in my thoughts and more importantly in my heart . . . . . . . . . . .

11th Aug 2013 - Sleep tight Oscar good night