Acregate Gundogs

Oct 13 - Dec 13

well a fab time today, off we went to the Northern English Springer Spaniel Society Open Show, our judge today was Nicola Cameron (Donarden), the weather was great and the food to die for, Ralph was in first (junior dog) pleased to say he was first, I had also entered him into Graduate Dog, and can you believe it, he was placed first again, a huge thankyou to the judge, next Arthur was in open Dog, and wow he won his class, we went back in for the dog challenge and omg!! Arthur was declared "Best dog", another huge thank you to the judge, must also say thanks to Ray for handling Ralph in the challenge. The day got better Arthur then was awarded "Reserve Best In Show"!!! I am still smiling now, what a brilliant day the boys had, thank you again to our judge for her lovely comments about the boys, I am so proud of them, I love them all to bits,

The picture to the right is of Ralph and was taken by Kay Woodward, thank you Kay,

6th Oct 2013 - Arthur wins RBIS at The NESSS


Today The boys and I are off to South Wales KA Champ Show, an early start but who cares, our judge today is Breed specialist Ms Chris Savell (Petranella), Ralph is in first and was placed 3rd in Junior dog, we missed the Junior Stakes class, next in is Arthur in Open Dog, he was placed 4th, well done to all the winners, a great day. Arthur was also entered into the Champion Stakes our first time in this class, and hooray he was placed 5th, big smiles all round. also on the same day was a companion show so I entered Ralph in AV Junior Pedigree dog, and he was placed 1st. Had a lovely day, great company and a few good laughs as well.

11th Oct 2013

Two shows in one day, first we are attending Gundog Society of Wales Champ Show, our judge today is Patsy Hollings, the weather was awful and the traffic horrendous, but we got there just in time, Ralph was in first he was placed 2nd in Junior Dog, and then 1st in Graduate Dog, Arthur was next in, he was in Open dog and was placed 2nd, I'm so pleased with the boys who always try their hardest for me.  Then I had the pleasure of handling Kath's Bonnie in Limit Bitch, we were placed a very creditable 4th.

The second show was The English Springer Spaniel Club of Wales Open Show, our judge for that one was Miss Lucy Addoo (Reulemill), Again Ralph was in first and was placed 2nd in Junior Dog, he was also entered into Yearling Dog and was placed 4th. Arthur was next in, Open Dog, and wow he was placed 1st. He was then also declared Reserve Best Dog, as you can guess I'm still smiling now. Thank you to both judges for your lovely comments about the boys, I am the proudest owner, I just love all my boys to death. A hectic day but good company, a few laughs and as always good to catch up with friends.

16th Oct 2013 - Arthur wins RBD

It's sunday and we are off to bonnie Scotland, today is The English Springer spaniel Club of Scotland Open Show, our judge today is Mr Jack Elliott (Jonabar), Ralph is in first, and WOW he wins junior dog, yearling dog and graduate dog. How proud am I and he was reasonably well behaved. Arthur is in next Open Dog and can you believe it he wins his class, his diet must be paying off, then we went back in for the challenge and WOW Arthur is declared RBD!!!! Thankyou to the judge for your lovely comments about the boys, smiles all the way home for me,

Must say thankyou to the committee for the lovely food, had a great time, with good company, easy going atmosphere and some good laughs along the way. A big thank you to Helen for your expert handling of Ralph in the challenge, I hope he behaved for you!!!! (haha).

The weather wasnt great but who cares, I do enjoy going to Scotland.

20th Oct 2013 - Arthur wins RBD

Well if I'd known what was instore for us today, I wouldnt have believed it. Today the boys and I are off to Midland counties Champ Show, not an early start today, Our judge today is Mrs Maureen Read, Ralph was in first, Junior dog only him in, he was a good boy today, next Arthur is in Open dog, and he won his class, back in for the Dog challenge and WOW he is awarded "Best Dog", thankyou to the judge for her lovely comments, A big thank you to Kath holt for handling Ralph in the challenge. We waited then for "best of Breed", and OMG Arthur was declared "Best of Breed". I'm speechless, and so very proud, our first BOB at a champ Show. No time to hang around as the group judging is ready to start only waiting for us, a huge group full of lovely gundogs. The Judge for the group is Mr Chris Bexon, Arthur didnt put a paw wrong, he moved like a dream, and another WOW we are shortlisted, I really can't tell you how I was feeling it's a blur, but then to my absolute delight, shock, surprise Arthur is awarded GUNDOG GROUP  2 !!!!!! OMG!!!! I can't believe it, yep I shed a couple of tears, our first ever group and a g2 all in the same day!!!! I really am the proudest and luckiest owner in the whole wide world.  

A huge thank you to both judges for your lovely comments about Arthur, and also to everyone for your lovely messages and best wishes, I am still smiling even if the end of the day was a disaster, I got a puncture on the hire van, but then the spare was also flat,  I can't praise the security men at the show ground who stayed with me until the AA arrived to tow me home,  and also Midland Counties for their concern and care while we waited for the AA man. Arrived home at last exhausted but very very happy.

27th Oct 2013 - Arthur wins BOB and Group 2 at Midland Counties Champ Show !!!!!!

A local show today. we are off to Merseyside Gundog Club Open Show, have entered the two boys, Ralph was in first and won his class, the Arthur was in open, he also won his class, a huge thank you to Helen for handling Ralph in the challenge and OMG Ralph is declared BOB!!!!!  WOW and Arthur is declared RBOB, what a fab day. Arthur was in the open stakes and came second winning £10.00 as well and then fourth in the RBOB stakes.

Ralph's first time in the big ring for BIS, the judge was Mr Colin Woodward and how clever is Ralph he was shortisted for BIS, thank you to both judges for your lovely comments about the boys, a great day, brill company, loads of laughs and bedding as well!!!!!

10th Nov 2013

a day off today, we are off to the Calvdale Kennels for the boys to have their annual eye tests done, always abit stressful, but glad to say the three boys all passed.

The weather going was awful and even worse coming back, but we made it home, feet up and a hot drink.

20th nov 2013 - the boys all passed their annual eye tests

Today we are of to Southport & birkdale KA Open show, our judge today is Breed specialist Lesley Hipgrave (Ternspringer), Only Ralph entered today,He won his junior class, and then wow he was awarded BOB, I think he is starting to get the hang of this showing lark!!!!

We then waited for the group, and I must say Ralph was a little star, and very well behaved so much so he was awarded Gundog Group3 by judge Nick Connell (Sonorra). A lovely day even if it was chilly, back home with feet up and my real live springer blanket.

24th Nov 2013

Two shows this weekend, first we are off to Coventry Gundog club Open show, Ralph was in two classes, he got a 2nd in junior and a 1st in Graduate, Arthur was in open and was 2nd, he then went back in and was awarded "reserve best of breed" a big thank you to our judge breed specialist Mr Anthony Allen (Allenie)

30th Nov 2013

Sunday morning and we are off to Otley Canine Society Open Show, no Springer classes today so we are in the AVNSC Gundog classes, our judge today is Ms Nicola Spencer (Bannonbrig), Ralph was in first in AVNSC Gundog Graduate and WOW he was placed first from an entry of 8, Next in is Arthur in AVNSC Gundog Open, a super class and another WOW he is placed first!!! back in for the challenge, and a super result Arthur is awarded "BEST AVNSC GUNDOG" and Ralph is awarded "RESERVE AVNSC GUNDOG" what can I say, except i'm the proudest owner!!!

We then went into the Gundog Group and can you believe it Arthur is awarded GUNDOG GROUP 1!!!!. What a fab day, a big thank you to Kath for handling Ralph and also a big thank you to our judge, we floated home.

1st Dec 2013

Today the boys and I are off to Oakengates & District CS Open Show, I have double booked us, note to me check the diary before entering!!!! a hairy start to the day the sat nav took me to the totally wrong address, and I only just made it by the skin of my teeth, no junior class today so Ralph is in post grad and to my delight he won his class, and then was declared "Best of Breed" thank you to our judge breed specialist Mr Richard Bott, my lack of confidence in my satnav to get me home I missed out on the stakes classes and set of home, and yep the satnav took me to a field!!!!!! Not a happy bunny with it, but home safe and sound, ready for stricly !!!! and thats the weekend over

8th Dec 2013


Sunday am, and we are off to LKA, our judge today is Breed Specialist Mrs Angela Pidcock (Ketsby), Ralph is in first in Junior dog, and wow he won his class, and gaining the last points required for his junior warrant (subject to KC approval). Arthur was in next in GCDS Dog class, and he also won his class. A super end to a very special year, thank you to the judge for your lovely comments about Ralph. Smiles all round for me on the way home, one very happy, proud owner here.

15th Dec 2013