Acregate Gundogs

Nov 2010 - Jan 2011

13th Nov 2010

Saturday 13th Nov,at 3.15am and Arthur, Jacob and I are heading off to Scotland to the Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland Champ show.  Arthur is entered into Limit Dog and our judge today is Mrs Jane Cule, Didnt know what to expect today, but was totally delighted when the judge placed Arthur first!!!!, many thanks to the judge for her kind comments about Arthur. We didnt stay to long as our friend Ann was minding "The Little Guys" for me, we arrived home around 6pm, totally exhausted but very happy.

14th Nov 2010

Sunday 14th Nov, and we are off to Mrseyside Gundog Club open show, only a short distance up the road, our judge today is Mr Richard Bott, Arthur is in the open class today, again a lovely surprise when the judge placed Arthur first, then awarded him "Best of Breed". Thank you to the judge for the lovely comments about Arthur. Our friend Jo with Holly had a super day Holly was awarded "Best Puppy in Show" well done to you both.

Today, Jacob, Arthur and I are off to have their annual eye testing done, we are lucky eneough to go across to the Calvdale Kennels and attend the eye clinic there, Both dogs are fine, phew thats that done for another year, always glad to get that out of the way.

19th Nov 2010

21st Nov 2010

Sunday 21st Nov, Arthur,Jacob and I are  only going up the M62 one junction to St Helens to Liverpool Kennel Association Open Show, Our judge for today is Judy McBride. Arthur is entered into the open class, being the only one in the class he won it!!!, Arthur to my delight was then awarded Best in Breed, thank you to the judge for her lovely comments, we then waited for the group, as always a big selection of Gundogs to choose from, the group judge is Brigette Bodle. Again to my delight and surprise Arthur was awarded Gundog Group 4, thank you again to the judge.

Saturday  27th Nov and we are off to Southport and Birkdale Premier Open Show at Chorley, our judge for today is breed specialist  Mr Ray Jaggers, Arthur is in open and was placed first, then went onto be awarded Reserve Best of Breed, our friend Jo with Holly  was Best of  Breed, and Best Puppy in Breed, she then went on to get Best in Show and Best Puppy in Show, well done to you both. Thankyou to Mr Jaggers for his lovely comments about Arthur, Arthur was also placed second in the AV Not bred by exhibitor open Stakes, again some lovely comments from the judge, thank you. Tomorrow we are off to The English Springer Spaniel Club open show,

Thursday25th Nov, it's the last ringcraft class before christmas, so Arthur and I head off, we didn't realise there was a rally on, Arthur did me proud again by winning his class and being declared "Dog of the year"!!! Wow!!!!

25th Nov 2010

Sunday 28th Nov and we all head of to The English Springer Spaniel Club Open Show, our judge for today is Sandy Platt (Charbonnel), Arthur is entered into Limit dog and Special Beginner Dog, to my delight he won both his classes, and was declared "Best Dog!!!". That meant we were then eligalbe for "Best in Show". To my absolute delight Arthur was declared "BEST IN SHOW" !!!!  I can't describe how thrilled I am, I must be the proudest owner in the country, thank you to the judge for her lovely comments about Arthur and for thinking enough of him for "Best in Show" WOW what a day!!!!

28th Nov 2010 - Arthur wins BIS !!

27th Nov 2010

Sunday 5th Dec, and it's Maghull and Merseyside Canine Society open show, at St Helens. Our judge for the day is Mr W Browne-Cole (Travella). Arthur is entered into open, Jacob just along for the ride. Arthur won his class, and then went on to be awarded Best in Breed!. Thank you to the judge for his lovely comments about Arthur.

5th Dec 2010

Today Arthur, Jacob, our friend Ann and I head off to LKA at the NEC, our judge to day is breed specialist Mrs Jenny Miller (Feorlig), Arthur is in Limit Dog, to our delight Arthur was placed fourth in a super class, thank you to Mrs Miller for her positive comments about Arthur. Our friends Sue and Jeeves (Mompesson Flawless) were in their  first post grad class (11 present), hooray Jeeves was placed fifth!! well done to you both.

A lovely day for our first visit to LKA.

12th Dec 2010

Well it's christmas day, hope you all have a lovely day, mine will be quiet . . . . . . famous last words!!! Arthur stole an unopened tub of butter and ate it!!!!  Yep he is now throwing up everywhere!!!! He just can't be trusted, well no christmas dinner for him tonight.

25th Dec 2010

Well thats christmas over with, new years resolution is to take more pictures!!!!!! Today, the boys and I head of to St. Helens to Heywood and Radcliffe open show, glad to be out of the house, Our judge for today is Mr E Parr, Arthur is entered into Open, being the only one in the class he was placed first, then went on to get Best of Breed, thank you to the judge for his positive comments about Arthur. Our friend Katherine with Bonnie "Trimere Tranquiliser" was Reserve Best of Breed.

2nd Jan 2011

Friday 7th Jan, we  headed off to Boston Champ Show, by Peterborough, the weather was horrendous and you know when you start to think "what am I doing? and am I mad?" not a great day for Arthur he was placed 4th out of four, Our judge was Becky A Johnson, we didnt hang around, just glad to get home.

7th Jan 2011

Tonight we were invited to Rossendale Valley's christmas match night, Our frind Ann of Ultimutt Dog Grooming, came along, Arthur was entered into two classes AV open Dog, and Av sporting open, to my delight he won both, then was declared Best Adult in Rally and Best in Rally, what an evening!!!! Many thanks to Katherine for inviting us, we had a great time.

13th Jan 2011

today is Clitheroe and District KA open show, Our judge for today is Jean Byrne. Arthur is entered into open. He was placed first, thank you the judge for her lovely comments. Our friend Jo with Holly "Calvdale My Girl at Fallenleaf" was declared Best of Breed and then went onto get group 3, well done .

15th Jan 2011

Monday 17th January, Little Boo (Boris) has to go back to the hospital, he is limping slightly and this could be due to Arthur squashing him over christmas.

Duncan thinks Boris has ruptured his tendon, but rather than operate we are trying some medication first, poor Boris he has been in the wars lately.

17th Jan 2011

sunday morning and our friend Ann, Arthur, Jacob and myself are heading off to Stafford to Manchester Champ Show, our judge today is Mr Ken Green, Arthur is entered into limit dog, and is placed 3rd, really pleased with him, he didnt put a paw wrong, we also entered the special beginner stakes  but were unplaced, our friend Sue with Jeeves (Mompesson Flawless is Madaza) was placed 4th, well done to you both. After a quick shop we arrived home about 4pm. Little Boo is doing well on his tablets, and seems to be moving better.

23rd Jan 2011

28th Jan 2011

To day is "Oscar's" birthday, and he is 13years old!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY OSCAR!! Oscar and I have been to the pet shop and Oscar has chosen his gift, which he has destroyed already, never mind, a special birthday tea is in order, Oscar can't wait.

Today, the three of us went over to Huddersfield & District CA Open Show, Arthur is entered into AVNSC Gundog Open, and our judge for today is Mr David Howarth (Moorbrook/Arkview), to my delight Arthur won his class and went on to be declared BAVNSC Gundog. We waited for the group and again to my delight Arthur was chosen as "Gundog Group 1", we then had to wait for "Best in Show", and can you believe it Arthur was declared "RBIS!!". The group and BIS judge was Mr David Howarth, a huge thank you him for the lovely and encouraging comments about Arthur, What a great day!!!!!

29th Jan 2011 - Arthur wins RBIS!!!