Acregate Gundogs

May 2011 - July 2011

Yep, we are mad!!! today we are off to Selby Canine Society Open Show, our judge today is Mr B.B. Thurm (Bryburn/Beldonburn), Another good turn out for ESS'S, Arthur is in open dog (7 entries) to my delight Arthur is placed 2nd, our friend Sue Long was first, and then went onto get BOB, well done Sue, an early dart, as the boys need a good run.

1st May 2011

Bank Holiday Monday, and Arthur , Jacob and I are of to another open show, today it is the North West Canine Association Open Show, our judge for today is Mr Tom H. Johnston (Feldkirk), not as many ESS'S today, but still a good turn out, Arthur is in open and to my delight was placed first, he then went onto be awarded "Best of Breed", thank you to everyone for your lovely comments about Arthur. A nice end to a great weekend,

2nd May 2011

Today Arthur, Jacob and I head off to "Rossendale Valley Canine Society" Open Show, our judge for today is breed specialist Mrs Helen Merry (Tingvelle), a good turn out for ESS'S today, Arthur is entered into open, with a total of 3 in his class, he was placed first, thank you Helen. Our friend Jo with Holly was awarded BOB and then went on to get Group 2, well done Jo and Holly.

I must thank the Gundog Group Judge Mrs C Sharp (Afterglow/Hapsberg) for her lovely comments, and also Helen for her comments about Arthur, all encouraging (even though I was shaking like a leaf as Helen went over Arthur), a lovely day, catching up with friends.

14th May 2011

Today Arthur, Jacob, our friend Ann and I set off for The Scottish Kennel Club Champ show, mixed weather going up there at 4am!!!, our judge for today is Breed Specialist Mrs J Gill-Davis (Rosecourt), to be honest I wasnt sure what to expect today, Arthur was in Limit Dog with an entry of 8, to my surprise and delight Arthur was placed First!!!!!, he couldnt have behaved any better for me, and showed his socks off.

Thank you to the judge and everyone for their lovely and very encouraging comments about Arthur, I really appreciate it, we then made the trek back to Liverpool, arriving home about 8.15pm, totally exhausted but thrilled to bits.

22nd May 2011

Wasn't sure if we were going or not last night, just feeling tired and fed up, but off Jacob, Arthur and I went to Chester City & County CS this morning, the weather a bit miserable, at least we were inside. Our judge today is Mr B McCartney, only Arthur entered, a bit of a rush to get into the ring, but we made it, Arthur won his class and was also BOB. We waited for the group, and to my delight Arthur was given Gundog Group 2!!!, it was a change of judge,Mr Carlton I think (apologies for the lack of info there), thankyou to him for his lovely comments about Arthur. Off home to get ready for tomorrow!!!!

29th May 2011

Well what can I say, the weather is awful to say the least, but off we go to Great Harwood Agricultural Show, Ann is showing Dora today (first time for over a year), only Katherine and Bonnie and Arthur and myself today, Arthur put in a good effort and was awarded BOB under judge Val Flowers (Totenkopf), we didnt stay for BIS, we were soaked through, as the wet weather tent was already full up so we caged up in the rain!!

Dora (Taranmur Amadora) won a lovely AVNSC Post Graduate Bitch class, well done to Ann and Dora, now the job of drying everything off for next time,

30th May 2011

Today Ann is driving!!! we head off for Southern Counties Champ Show, our judge today is Mr Roly Cross, Arthur was placed fourth in Limit, and as always I was pleased with the judges comments about him, Arthur was also entered in the Charity Open Stakes, our judge was Jill Peak, Wow Arthur was placed third and won £15.00!!!

Dora was entered in Graduate Bitch, her first Champ Show for over a year, Hooray she was placed fourth!!! Brill well done Ann and Dora.

The traffic coming home was awful, but a lovely day catching up with friends.

3rd June 2011

Sunday morning and Arthur, Jacob and I head off to Ripon & District Canine Society Open Show, the dogs and bitches are split. Dogs being judged by Suzanne Backhouse and Bitches being judged by Elaine Stevenson, Arthur won his open class to my surprise, and then went onto Best Dog, our friend Jo with Holly was awarded Best Bitch, then to my delight Arthur was awarded BOB, we waited for the group, the judge was Frank Bjerklund, what a lovely surprise Arthur got Gundog Group 3!!! Had a lovely day catching up with friends, thankyou to Anthony and Richard for your help and advice on the day.

5th June 2011

Today is the Northern English Springer Spaniel Champ Show, Arthur, Jacob and I set off arond 6.30am, prepared for all weather conditions!!!!, I took my 60 second pop up tent!! yep it took my 15 mins to sort it out, I'm not really cut out for this camping thing. Our judge for today is  Breed Specialist Mr Frank Bjerklund (Westaway), Arthur is entered into Limit Dog, He was placed 2nd behind a really nice dog who went onto get the DCC, well done, And as usual I am so proud of Arthur. The advice and help that was given to me the week before paid off, and I got some lovely comments about Arthur, again thankyou to Anthony and Richard, Ann came along with the Poodles and Jake to have their pictures taken, so hopefully I will have some on the site soon, had a great day with friends lovely food and good weather, what a way to spend a sunday.

12th June 2011

The weather wasn't great this morning but Arthur, Jacob and I went off to Blackpool Champ Show, our judge today was Mr David Shields, Arthur got a 4th in a lovely limit class, and as always I am so proud of him, I had lovely comments about him from diffrent people, thank you. On a personal note, thank you to everyone for cheering me up today, and sorry if I was a misery, friday was not a good day for me emotionally or personally and I really didn't feel like going today, but was glad I did, thanks again.

25th June 2011

A weekend of for the boys, I am off to a Standard Poodle Club Champ show with Ann and Dora, what a lovely day, no need to worry about grooming, or my outfit or driving, had a great time, Dora was unplaced in her class, but looked lovely, tomorrow it's the beach for all of them!!!!

2nd July 2011

Today, Arthur, Jacob and I head of to the Southern English Springer Spaniel Society Open show down in Surry, now if I am honest I didnt realise how far it was and when I saw signs for Heathrow Airport I did start to worry!!!! but the Sat Nav got me there in plenty of time. Our judge for today is Mr Tom Mather (Barklots), Arthur is entered into Limit Dog and The Special Open Stakes Class, Arthur was placed first!!!! I could just squeeze him to death, but control myself till we are out of the ring. Then to my utter surprise Arthur was declared "Reserve Best Dog"!!!!! (if I am honest I just want to cry with pride). We then waited for the open stakes and again Arthur was called out first!!!! WOW what a day!!!!. A huge thank you to the judge, and to everyone for your lovely comments about Arthur I really do appreciate them.

Also Jane was there with her latest additions "Meadowdale Chaos" and "Meadowdale Banjo", for my sins Jane asked my to handle Chaos for her in minor puppy dog, nerve wracking to say the least, but we were placed a respectable second to her and Banjo who went on to be declared "Best Puppy in Show" how clever was Banjo and it was his first show!!!! well done Banjo!!!

Then the long drive home, a lovely day, catching up with friends, exhausted but as always the proudest owner in the world!!! who would think "The Dude" reserve best dog.....................

16th July 2011 - Arthur wins "Rserve Best Dog" at

                            SESSS Open Show

Today, Arthur, Jacob, myself, Ann and Dora head off to York Canine Association Open show, The weather was  glorious, Arthur was entered into open, and was placed 2nd behind a lovely dog, Dora was entered into post grad, and was placed 4th, well done to Ann and Dora.

Had a great time, lovely weather and Ann was driving, what more can you ask for...........

31st  July 2011