Acregate Gundogs

May 12 - July 12

Well it's May, and the weather is rubbish, after a very tiring week emotionally and glad it nearly finished, we head of to Rossendale Valley Canine Society Open Show, our judge today is Breed specialist Ms Di Eastwood (Eastfalla), to my delight and surprise Arthur was awarded BOB!!!.

We waited for BIS, and can you believe it Arthur was awarded RBIS!!!!!  I can't describe how proud i am of him, a huge thank you to Di for her lovely comments and understanding, and also a huge thank you to BIS judge Mr Bob Naulls, your comments about Arthur made it all worth while, tears of joy this time, a big thank you must also go to the society for a great show, with a lovely relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

5th May 2012 - Arthur wins RBIS!!!

This morning we are off to St Helens and "The Red Rose Charity Open Show", our judge today is Bred Specialist Mrs Angela Chandler, Arthur is in Open and was placed first, he then went on to be awarded BOB, thank you to our judge, we waited around for the group, but were unsuccessful, we had a lovely day catchingup with friends who really cheered me up, it is true what they say "A good laugh" can make everything seem better, thank you to Richard and Peter for a good giggle!!!!

7th May 2012

Well isn't the weather great!!!! today we are off to Chester City & County Canine Society Open Show, after a complicated detour, we arrive in plenty of time, Arthur was in Open and was placed first, he then went on to be awarded BOB, Our judge today was Mr J Porlock, thank you for your encouraging comments about Arthur, we then went into the gundog Group as usual a big entry, to my delight Arthur was awarded gundog group 3, Our  Group judge was Mrs W Minshull. Thank you again for your comments about Arthur, well we arrived home and are just lazing around to hot to do anything (well thats my excuse anyway).

27th May 2012

Smile it's summer !!!

Hooray the sun is shining, and at last we are off to the Northern English Springer Spaniel Society Champ Show, at the lovely location of Hurworth Hall, Our judge today is Breed Specialist Mrs Kate Keely (Alhambra) We arrive in plenty of time and set up inside (as the weather forcast isnt great), then following the advice of Kath we move everything outside, Just as Post Grad Dog was entering the ring, the heavens opened and we are drenched, a mad rush to get indoors!!!! (remind me not to listen to Kath about weather again) Arthur was in Open Dog and was placed third,  thank you to everyone for your lovely comments about Arthur, we were also third in the special open stakes our judge for that was Breed Specialist  Mrs Jo Cunliffe (Fallenleaf)

A huge thank you to the committee for the scrummy food, and a great atmosphere, it felt good to be back at a show after a short break due to a couple of personal problems, I really enjoyed myself catching up with everyone, the weather on the way home was horendous, but a great day nethertheless.

10th June 2012

Well today we should have been going to Blackpool Champ show, one of my favourite shows,  but the English weather is a law unto it's self!!!! the show was CANCELLED do to the weather, never mind, fingers crossed for next year.

23rd June 2012

Well it feels like we havent been to a show for ages, so today we are off to Windsor Champ Show, yep a long drive, but weather reports are good!!!! Our judge today is Mr David Moss (Ewtor), Arthur is in open dog, and is up against two Show Champions, we were placed third, as always Arthur tried his best, and I couldnt ask for anymore. Thankyou for the flattering comments about Arthur, and for the lovely company. I needed a good cheering up today. The journey home was horrendous but hopefully a lazy day tomorrow . . . . . . . .

29th June 2012

Ok, today we are off to East Riding Gundog Society Open show, not the greatest start to the day, my satnav took me to the wrong place!!!! so arrived a bit late, then my entry hadnt been put into the catalogue . . . . . Phew!!! what else could go wrong?

Our judge today wasBreed Specialist  Sue Long (Tryhard), a really good entry of ESS'S, Arthur won his open class, with some really nice dogs in it, we then went back in for BOB, which to my delight Arthur was declared!!!! We waited for BIs, but didnt go any further, a huge congratulations to di Eastwood with Pheobe who was BPIS!!!!

Then home to put my feet up, a great day, lovely weather, and fab company, thanks for a brill day.

14th July 2012 - Arthur wins BOB!!

Today, Arthur, Jacob and I are off to Leeds Champ Show, fingers crossed the weather is kind to us, our judge is Breed Specialist Mrs Pat Guy, Arthur was placed 4th behind three Show Champions, I am as ever so proud of him, thank you to everyone for your lovely comments about him, I could burst with pride.

We also entered the Pets as Therapy open Stakes and again Arthur was placed 4th, in a big class with some lovely dogs. apologies to Fran for missing her famous bbq, hopefully will make it next year. overall had a lovely day,  great company and a good catch up with everyone.

28th July 2012