Acregate Gundogs

Mar 15 - June 15

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So today we are off to bonnie Scotland, only one travelling buddy today Ray, now if i am honest i wasn't really bothered about going today, just the mood I am in, but HEY HO off we went, both boys entered but only showing Ralph today, Our judge is Breed specialist Mrs Bev Nicholson (Kingsheath), I do enjoy the Scottish Shows, lovely food, good company, Ralph was entered in Post Grad Dog, well I have to say he was a little star today, he won his class,

A longish day, arriving back home at 8pm, but as always I'm so proud of Ralph,


Another early start, today it is our Club Champ Show, being on the committee we have to be there for 8am , good laugh on the way down there, everything sorted, and ready to start. Our judge today is Breed Specialist Mrs Diane Conrad (Strannaver), both boys entered, Ralph won a great Post Grad Dog class, and Arthur was 2nd in His Good Citizen Dog Class,  some lovely comments about the boys, thank you,

Back home around 8pm, shattered but happy.


OMG !!! Where do i start about today, The three boys and I set out for WELKS, if I'm honest my heart wasn't in it, but we arrived, the weather was iffy to say the least, but it was announced that we would be showing  outside. Our judge today was Breed Specialist Mr Colin Woodward (Wadeson). Just Ralph entered today, in Post Grad Dog, hip hip hooray Ralph won his class. we then had to go back in for the dog challenge, OMG I can't believe it Ralph is awarded the DCC (his 1st !!!) we then had to challenge for Best of Breed, and another OMG !!! Ralph is declared Best of Breed!!! What a fab day. A huge thank you to our Judge, for a day to remember.

We then had to wait for the group, I was still grinning from winning BOB, Ralph was a little on his toes in the group, but loved every minute of it. to my utter surprise Ralph was awarded Gundog Group 3 !!!! OMG, the day just got even better. A huge thank you to everyone for your lovely comments about Ralph, and for all the cards, messages and calls, congratulationing us, it really was a day to remember,

The journey didn't seem to take that long home, I wonder why, fab day, and fab memories.

26.04.15 - Ralph wins his 1st CC, BOB and G3 at WELKS


The picture to the left  was taken by Lesley McCourt of Ralph at WELKS winning his 1st CC,

Off to Stafford today Birmingham dog Show, our judge is Mr John Thirwell, both boys entered. Ralph in first and won a lovely Post Grad class. then Arthur was a creditable third in Open.

I then decided to have a go with Ralph at his Bronze Good Citizen, and to my amazement he passed. Thank you to Helen macleay for handling Arthur in his stakes classes, a good day catchining up with people and having a laugh.


a road trip at last, today we are off to Scotland, the day started with me oversleeping, a rush to get ready and out by 3am, picked up Ray Smith and then Kath Holt, and off we went, great journey up there, having a laugh.

Both boys entered, our judge today is Breed specialist Mrs Angela Chandler (Chanangel). Both boys won their class, a huge well done to Ray and Buzz, who won their 2nd CC, BOB and then went on to get G3.

A long journey home, but a good one, arriving back here at 11.50pm. Phew am I shattered????


A Friday Show today, It's Southern Counties champ Show, and a diffrent travelling companion, Helen Macleay and I set off and what a laugh we had travelling down. the weather was lovely all the way, our judge was Mr Jonathan Daltrey (Bananadance). Ralph was in PGD and was awarded a 1st, hooray. then the weather changed and what a downpour it was, Arthur was a very respectable 3rd behind to lovely dogs, thank you to everyone for your lovely comments about the boys. More laughs all the way home, shattered.


This morning the boys and I are off to Three Counties Champ Show (no CC's), what a fab day for the weather, our judge today is Mrs Lesley McCourt (Woodspa), not a great entry for us, but a lovely day anyway, both boys were 2nd in their classes, not our best day showing, but we had a lovely catch up with friends. Back home to cool off.


Today we are off to The NESSS Champ Show, I do enjoy this show, such a lovely setting, although the weather wasnt kind and we where indoors today. Our judge for today is Mr Richard Bott (Allenie/Quensha) who is awarding CC's for the first time in our lovely breed. Now if I am honest I only went half heartedly, so Arthur for me didn't look his best. It was Ralph's first time in Limit and he was unplaced, Arthur was 4th in Open dog, after a huge accident toilet wise in the ring (Arthur that is, not me). But as always the boys gave me 200%, I was glad to get home.


Well today is a long journey up to Scotland, Border Union Champ Show, Kath Holt and myself set out at some un mentionable hour, but as always good giggles along the way. Our judge was Mr Jim Davidson, Ralph was placed 2nd in a strong Limit class, and Arthur was placed 3rd in a lovely Open class, thanks to Kath and Helen for jumping in and handling the boys for me as my knee gave in. Thankyou for the fab comments about the boys, great day, good company and lots of giggles.


A localish Champ show. Today we are off to Blackpool champ Show, a new venue and layout. The judge today is Wendy Bentley from Ireland, not our best result wise, but both the boys were 3rd in their classes,another thank you to Helen for handling for me again,  the weather was glorious if a bit to hot for me,  home in plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the day.