Acregate Gundogs

Jan 14 - Mar 14

Happy New Year to you all, I hope it's a good one, Well it's new year's day and we are off to Coventry Ladies Kennel Society Open Show, just Ralph entered. Our judge today is David Bell, Ralph is in Post Grad, what a good boy, Ralph wins his class and then goes onto be awarded RBOB. The weather is awful, back home, feet up with my real live liver & white blanket.

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1st Jan 2014

5th Jan 2014

It's sunday morning and freezing, off to St Helen's (Heywood & Radcliffe Open show). Again just Ralph entered, today we are in the AVNSC Gundog Junior class, the judge is Mrs P Smith, Ralph never ceases to surprise me, as the judge ran her hands down his ribs, Ralph let out the most almighty burp!!!! the poor judge just fell about laughing. Anyway Ralph won his class (not on his charm or manners),

I couldnt wait to get home and get warm,

Brrr it's cold this morning, the boys and I are of the Earlstown & Newton-Le-Willows CS Open show, at least it's not far. Just Ralph entered and for some strange reason I've entered him into 2 classes Junior and Post grad, hooroay he won both, and was then declared BOB. Thankyou to our judge Mr Colin Gullon (Barnfall). We waited for Bis but didnt get any further. couldn't wait to get home a get warm.

12th Jan 2014

Well its sunday am and the boys and I are off to Manchester dog show, our judge today is Breed specialist Mrs wendy Willey (Speeton), Ralph's in first two classes junior dog and yearling dog, he is placed 2nd in both, what a great start to the day, Arthur is next , in open dog, and he wins the class, big smiles for me, we then go back in to challenge and OMG Arthur wins the RDCC!!!! what a fab day, I held it together till on the way home, had a great day handling a couple of dogs for some friends, really enjoyed that. The weather bucked up to, a long day so back home with my feet up chilling.

Another lovely surprise Ralph's Junior warrant certificate came through as well.

19th Jan 2014 - Arthur wins the RDCC !!!

Sunday morning and it's raining, today we are of to The Lancs & Cheshire ESS Club Open Show, our judge today is Breed Specialist Mrs Jo Cunliffe (Fallenleaf). Ralph is up first, he is entered in Junior Dog, Yearling Dog and Graduate Dog, and was placed 2nd in each class, Arthur was in Open dog and was placed 2nd. He was also in the Special Open Stakes and was 2nd in that too. Nice to catch up with people, then a quick journey back home to catch up on some rest.

26th Jan 2014

A local show today just at St helens, Merseyside gundog Club Open show, our judge today is Breed specialist Miss Beth Holt (Bethryn), her first judging appointment and what a great entry she pulled, only Ralph entered today, and he was 2nd in Junior behind his lovely sister Fearne who then went onto get BOB. Well done Ray, she also won the Junior Stakes. Fran was RBOB who then went on to win the RBOB Stakes. Had a brill day, good company and lots of laughs. Not the warmest day, but a lovely warm atmosphere.

2nd Feb 2014

Today the boys and I are off to Pontefract & District Open show, just Ralph entered his first time in Post Grad, our judge is Mrs s Allerton (Eshaldwell), Ralph was placed 2nd, the main reason for going was after judging we went to see Arthur's Babes, OMG they are so cute, had lots of cuddles and came home smelling of puppy, pure bliss !!!!!

9th Feb 2014

An afternnon show for a change, today it's Deane & district CS, our judge is Mr Robert Ashcroft (Keepersway), Ralph won post grad and was BOB,  big hugs for Ralph, we then waited for the group and OMG Ralph was Group 1, what a good boy Ralph was. we then went into BIS but didnt go any further, have to say I smiled all the way home and dint notice how bad the weather was at all.

15th Feb 2014

A local show today, it's St helens and district Open show, our judge today is Mr Les Portlock, Ralph won post grad and was declared BOB, thank you the judge for his lovely comments about Ralph, we didnt go any further in BIS but a lovely day anyway.

22nd feb 2014

well were do I start? today was the SESSS Champ Show, unfortunatly we didn't attend, but I am so proud to tell you all that "Arthur" "SH CH Meadowdale Alabama Slammer at Acregate ShCM" was declared joint Top Male ESS for 2013 along with "SH CH Meadowdale Banjo JW ShCM." . I can't believe the year that Arthur and I had in 2013, just amazing and a dream come come, Thank you to Ray Smith who very kindly accepted Arthur's award for him.

22nd Feb 2014 - Arthur declared joint top Male ESS for 2013

Yorkshire Gundog Open Show today, Ralph was in Graduate, not our best result Ralph was 3rd, but a good day, lots of laughs with good company, back home feet up and a snooze.

23rd Feb 2014

Today is the Midland ESS Society Open Show, the judge is Breed Specialist Jacky Weyman, Ralph was in first in Yearling Dog, and was placed first, Arthur was in Open dog and was placed third. Have to say i over indulged in Bannoffee pie, but it was delicious, lovely day, great atmosphere. well done to the committee.

2nd Mar 2014

Off to a local show today, at St Helens, just Ralph entered today, our judge is Breed Specialist Shirley Watson, Ralph was in Limit and won his class. He then went on to get BOB, thank you to the judge for your lovely comments about Ralph. we then went in to the group and was awarded Gundog Group 4, wow what a fab day. Great company, loads of laughs and some tasty food.

22nd Mar 2014

Think i am getting to old for two shows in one weekend, today we are off to Retford Canine Society, our judge today is Breed Specialist Sue Long, a fab entry of ESS'S, just Ralph entered in Post Grad, which he won, he then went on to get BOB. Not stopping there we were then awarded Gundog Group 2, wow another fab day for us.

23rd Mar 2014