Acregate Gundogs

Jan 13 - Mar 13

Well at last we are off to a show, today we are going to Manchester Champ show, the weather is not the best with heavy snow forecast, I gave myself an extra half an hour for travelling, so arrived in plenty of time, our judge today is Mr Jeff Horswell, Arthur was placed third in a very nice open dog class, we then made it over to the good citizen stakes class were Arthur was placed third and won himself £10. Then off home before the snow got much worse, must say I really enjoyed the day, catching up with people, And as always Arthur made me very proud, fingers crossed Ralph will be making an appearance soon . . . . . . .

20th Jan 2013

I don't often write about Jacob, but poor Baby J had a slight accident while out hunting in the woods, we think he has poked himself in the eye with a bramble or something and has damaged his eye, it was very swollen and red, so off to the vets again, and yep he has a large ulcer on his eye, so pain releif and some cream, and back in 48 hours,

Good news the ulcer has reduced quite conciderably, thank god, so hopefully no permanent damage,  so to say my stress levels are all over the place this week is an understatement . . . . .  I think I need wine!!!!!!

22nd Jan 2013

Sunday and the snow has gone!!!! today we are of to our Open Show at the Lancs and Cheshire English Springer spaniel club, our judge today is breed specialist Mr Anthony allen (allenie), not a great entry but lovely dogs all the same, arthur was placed second behind a lovely show champion,

Even though not many there a lovely, relaxed atmosphere,and  as always lovely food. A great way to spend a sunday, thanks to everyone for a great day.

27th Jan 2013

Today "The Springer Boys" and I are off to Merseyside Gundog Open show,  Our judge today is Mrs H Leary (Haslemount), Arthur was placed first in his Open class and then went on to be awarded "Best of Breed", thankyou to the judge for your lovely comments about Arthur,

Had a lovely time, great company and a really good laugh, also catching up with friends old and new, it was great to see you all. well the countdown is on for "Ralph's" first show next weekend, i'm not sure what to expect from him, but one thing is for sure, he will enjoy himself, he's just full of fun!!!!!!!!!!!

3rd Feb 2013

well the day has arrived for "Ralph's" first show, off to St Helens we go, there isn't a puppy class so Ralph is entered into Junior, with everything crossed, Ralph did me proud he was a little star, wagging his tail all through the experience, he was placed 2nd, thank you to the judge Mr Ian Jones for his lovely comments about him, Arthur was entered into Open, and was placed first, he was then awarded "Best of Breed",

Ralph also went into the av minor puppy stakes, and was placed 4th, the excitement must have got to him as he did the longest pee ever, never mind,

Arthur was shortlisted down to the last 6 for BIS. A great day for us, home now feet up totally wiped out, here's to next weekend!!!!!!!!!

9th Feb 2013 - Ralph's first show

Another show, today we are off to Deane & District CS, Our judge today is Mrs Lesley Swigciski (Cosalta)  Ralph won his class and then went onto be awarded BPIB!!!! thankyou to Beth Holt for handling Ralph so well, Arthur also won his class and then went onto be awarded BOB!!!, how pleased am I ? then we waited for the group and to my surprise, joy Arthur was awarded GUNDOG GROUP 1!!!! thankyou to the judge Mr Peter Swigciski (Cosalta) wow what a day for us here, we waited for BIS but didnt do anything there, never mind I am the proudest owner in the world of my boys, I am still smiling now, well tomorrow another show . . . . . . . . . . .

16th Feb 2013

Two shows in one weekend, I must be mad, today we are of to Ashton under Lyne & District KA Open Show,  our judge today is Mr J Richardson, and yes there is a puppy class, four pups entered and Ralph did me proud he was placed third, the best thing was he kept all four paws on the ground!!!!!! hooray progress!!!! Arthur was in open, and was placed first, a huge thank you to everyone for your lovely comments about the boys, it really makes things worth while and me a very proud mum, we arrived home in plenty of time for a well earned run in the woods.

17th Feb 2013

A very early start today, we are of to The southern english springer spaniel Society Champ Show, Ralph's first Champ show!!!!, our judge today is Mrs Susan King (Parkcrest), Ralph was up first, in minor puppy dog, and WOW he was placed 2nd behind a lovely puppy, thus qualifying him for CRUFTS 2014!!!!! A huge thank you to the judge for her lovely comments about him, and also a huge thank you to Ray and Pam Smith for such a fun loving guy in Ralph. Arthur was up next, in Open Dog, and was placed 5th behind four lovely dogs, well done to everyone. A huge well done must go to Ray and Ralph's mum Sh Ch Melverly Sublimity on the Bitch CC and to Jane Eyeington with Meadowdale Chaos on the Dog CC !!!! then reality and the long journey home,

23.2.13 - Ralph qualifies for Crufts 2014

So a mad one we are of to another show today "The Yorkshire Gundog Club" Open show, must remember to get reading glasses updated, thought it opened at 8.30am so rushed out late only to get there and check  . . . it didnt open till 9.30am!!!!! Our judge today is Breed Specialist Mrs Helen Merry (Tingvelle) Ralph is in puppy and was placed 2nd behind a lovely puppy dog, well done to Trudy on BPIB. Arthur was in Open and was placed 1st he was then awarded BOB. Thank you to Helen, we then waited for BIS, a lovely turnout with some smashing dogs, to my utter delight Arthur was awarded "BEST IN SHOW" !!!!!!! WOW thank you so much to BIS Judge Mrs Lynn Dale (Hartsfell) , I really can't tell you how proud i am of my boys, crying, smiling and more all the way home!!!! WHAT A FABULOUS WEEKEND IT DOESNT GET MUCH BETTER THAT THIS!!!!!!!!!!

24.2.13 - Arthur wins "BEST IN SHOW"

This morning we are off to Ashton in Makerfield CS Open show, our judge today is Mrs Jane Graham (Nyliram), Ralph was up first in Puppy, he almost behaved himself, and was placed first. Arthur was in open and was also placed first, Ralph then went on to be awarded BPIB and Arthur was awarded BOB WOW what a day for the boys. we waited for bis were Arthur was shortlisted down to  the last 6!!! Ralph just couldnt contain himself, for BPIS, but put in a great performance.  well off home to prepare for tomorrow . . . . . . disaster struck my car is leaking oil of some description, and unable to use it, RAC called, and off to a garage we go!!!!!!!  fingers crossed for the outcome . . . . . . . .

2nd March 2013

7am saturday morning and Arthur, Ralph,Jacob and myself are off to Stafford to the Potteries & District Canine Society Open show, our judge today is Breed Specialist Ms Kath Holt (Bethryn), Ralph is up first, no puppy class so he is in Junior, well he managed to keep still long enough for the judge to look at him and go over most of him!!!! he was placed first in front of a lovely dog who was slightly older, Arthur was up next, and was placed first in his Open class, thank you for the lovley comments about the boys. Ralph my little star was then awarded BPIB!!!! and Arthur was awarded BOB!!! What a fab day, but then it gets better, Arthur was then awarded Gundog Group 4!!! and Ralph (and he was almost well behaved) was awarded Gundog Puppy Group 4!!!!! WOW what a fab day all round.

16th March 2013

Well snow has hit us hard!!! we should have gone to scotland saturday, but the show has been pstponed, but we had entered Bootle, Crosby & south Liverpool canine society Open Show today (sunday) our judge today is Tom Johnson Ralph is up first, no puppy class so into junior we go, ralph was placed second out of three, Arthur is in open, and won his class then he was awarded BOB!!!,  we then waited for the group and arthur was shortlisted down to the last six, thank you to the judge Mr frank Whyte for your positive comments about Arthur.

24th March 2013

Good Friday and only Ralph entered today at Accrington & District CA Open Show, a puppy class for Ralph he was placed third in his class, Arthur and Jacob came along for the ride.

29th March 2013

Easter sunday and we are off to "The Midland English Springer Spaniel Society" Open Show,  our judge today is Breed Specialist Mrs Louise Scott (Goldcliffe). Ralph is in first and was placed 3rd in Minor Puppy dog, we really will get the hang of this showing thing soon. arthur was in open dog and to my delight he was placed 1st, then in the challenge he was awarded "Best Dog"!!! We then waited for BIS and Arthur was awarded "Best Opposite Sex"!!!! THEN it gets better he was then awarded "RESERVE BEST IN SHOW"!!!!  WOW what a way to end a great weekend,  thankyou to the judge and everyone for your lovely comments about the boys. I am one VERY PROUD OWNER!!!!

31st March 2013- Arthur wins RBIS!! @ MESSS