Acregate Gundogs

Feb 2012 - Apr 2012

Today, I am off to judge at Leigh Canine Society Open Show, nervous is an understatement. I am judging ESS'S and ECS'S. So in my state of nerves I ran out of the house without a coat, hat, gloves, scarf!!!! well the weather was fine, I arrived in plenty of time, and settled in to watch some judging. I had a lovely entry of 7 ESS's all of which I would say where the top end of quality, thank you to everyone who supported me, the same applied to the ECS'S 7 again and all present, and presentation was top notch. Thank you again to the exhibitors for their support.

My BOB ECS went on to be awarded Group3 and my BPIB ECS went on th be awarded Puppy Group3. When I stepped outside to come home what a shock the weather was awful, ice, rain, hailstones the lot and yep no coat, hat ,gloves, scarf. . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . Must make a note for future!!!!

4th Feb 2012

Well today back the other side of the ring, Arthur, Jacob and I return to St Helens for Merseyside Gundog Club Open Show, the weather played a big part in the entry today, Arthur was placed first in Open and then went onto be awarded BOB. Thank you to our judge Carole Wood, for her lovely comments about Arthur. We waited for BIS but didnt get picked but Jack and Barbara Elliott's Allenie Tears for Fears with Jonabar (Rosie) had a super day, winning BPIB, 1st in AV Puppy then BIS4!!!!!.

Off home to get warm, and relax before Monday comes around again . . . . . . . .  

The picture to the right is Arthur with our judge Carole Wood and was taken by Lee Robertson, (thanks Lee for the lovely picture), and well done to Patsy, you and of course gorgeous "Lenny" for getting BIS today.

5th Feb 2012


This morning Arthur, Jacob and I are of to the Southern English Springer Spaniel Champ Show, it's Arthur's first time in Open Dog, (up with the big boys) and to say I am nervous is an understatement. Having to stop in the way to throw up was not a good start. Our judge today is Stephanie Rickard (Wongan) all the way from Australia, Arthur was placed fourth in Open dog behind three very nice Show Champions. Phew glad thats over, As ever lovely food, great company and a good atmosphere, thank you to everyone at the Southern for a great day.

18th Feb 2012

Off to Yorkshire Gundog Open Show, today, our judge is Mrs H Harrison (Glenbrows), Arthur is in Open, and was placed 2nd, a good entry today for Springers, which is nice to see.

At last my computer is up and running again, apologies for the lack of news, hopefully will be back on track now. So Crufts is nearly upon us!!!! all the usual emotions, excitement, nerves, oooo and the shops!!!!!!

26th Feb 2012

It's The Midland English Springer Spaniel Society Open Show today and our judge is Daisy Toublic (cobhay), it's also raining!!! Arthur is in open Dog, and was placed third out of three (not our best showing result), nice food great company and a lovely atmosphere. Now I am going to sort out my satnav!!!! update here we come !!!!!!!!

Thanks to Lyn for marking up my catalogue. Next show is Crufts!!!!!!!

4th March 2012

Well a busy weekend ahead, today we are off to The English Springer Spaniel Club of Scotland 40th Anniversary Champ Show, our judge today is Breed Specialist Mr Alex Geddes (Debanza). We travelled up with Jane Eyeington arriving in plenty of time, Jane was in first with Meadowdale Chaos, he was placed 2nd in both his classes, well done Chaos. Next it was Meadowdale Banjo who won his class, well done Banjo. Then Arthur was in open dog, with an entry of 7, to my delight Arthur was placed 5th behind 4 Show Champions, and as always I am so proud of him.  We arived home exhausted but happy.

24th March 2012

Today I had the honour of judging at "Tunbridge Wells & District Canine Society" Open Show, with a drive of just over 4 hours to get there I set off at 5.15am (yep with match sticks for the eye lids),

I had a lovely entry of 12 ESS'S with only 3 absent, I can honestly say I was spoilt for choice, but I found my "Best of Breed" in "Dexbenella It's About Time JW Sh CM" who went on the get Gundog Group 1 then BIS!!!!!!!!! (I am so proud of myself), my RBOB and BPIB was "Petranella Bedazzled" who then went on to get Gundog Puppy Group 4!!!!!!!! and BOS was "Dexbenella Derethea" Thank you to everyone for your entry and for excepting my choices. Then home to put my feet up, what a fab weekend I have had.

25th March 2012

Today Arthur, Jacob and I are off to Lancs & Cheshire Champ show, being on the committee i arrived in plenty of time (Half an hour to early), Our judge for today is Mr Moray Armstrong (Bitcon), Arthur is in Open Dog, and to my surprise, shock and utter delight he was placed first in a really strong class. We then had to go back in for the challenge, and can you believe it Arthur was awarded the RDCC!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!! what can I say, I was speechless, but you will be proud of me I saved my tears of joy for the journey home, thank you to Bethany for helping me to get my stuff to the car, I just floated home, Thank you to the judge for his lovely comments about Arthur, I am so proud (as always) of "The Dude" !!!!!

01.04.12- Arthur wins the RDCC!!!  at The L & C Champ Show

"happy Easter to everyone" - Today we are  off to "The ESS Club show" our judge for today is Breed Specialist Mrs Lesley Bloomfield (Fernlin),  Arthur is entered into Open Dog were he was placed 5th behind four Show Champions!!!! How good is that, then we went into "The Jimmy Cudworth Open Stakes" and wow he was placed first!!!!. Well if that wasnt enough I won 3 prizes on the raffle!!! now anyone who knows me will will know I never win on raffles, so we hot footed it home with a lion, a giraffe, and a huge basket of chocolate eggs and a bunny!!!!!

Thank you to the comittee for a great show, it was good to catch up with everyone.

08.04.12 - Easter Sunday

This morning we are off to WELKS, the weather is AWFUL, we arrive to pouring rain, mud, wind you name it we got it.  A late start for us today, our judge today is Breed Specialist Ms Caroline Robinson (Baldragon), Arthur is in Open Dog, and as placed fourth behind three Show Champions, I am so chuffed with him, if nothing else he is consistant. Then the trek back to the car through the mud, wind and rain, I was glad to get home, thank you to the judge for great comments about Arthur. Home at last, a hot bath, and drink are waiting!!!