Acregate Gundogs

Feb 2011 - Apr 2011

30th Jan 2011 - Arthur is Reserve Best Dog!

Sunday 30th Jan, and today is The Lancs and Cheshire ESS Club Open Show, being on the committee we had to be there prompt, Arthur was entered in 3 classes Limit Dog, Special Beginner Dog and the Stakes class, to my utter surprise and delight he won all 3!!!, he was then declared "Reserve Best Dog". Mistilys Golden Flash over Melverly (owned by Ray Smith) was Best Dog and then went onto be "Reserve Best in Show" well done to you both.

Saturday 5th Feb today we are off to Leigh Canine Society Open Show, our judge today is Miss Sarah Corbett, only entered into one class open, Arthur was placed first. Jo with Calvdale My Girl at Fallenleaf was declared BOB, well done to you both.

5th Feb 2011

Today is my first judging appointment, to say I am nervous is an understatement, my great friend and partner in crime Ann collected me and we set of for The Merseyside Gundog Club Open Show, once I got started I was fine, my BOB winner in ESS'S was "Cepen Changing Places With Waterswarren" and PBIB was "Waterswarren Whitewash" who then went onto get RBPIS!!. My BOB winner in WSS'S was "Nyliram Sparkling Pearl". A huge thank you to everyone who wished me well, and to the exhibitors for supporting me.

6th Feb 2011

Saturday, and we are of to St. Helens to St. Helens and District CS, open show, as usual Arthur is entered into open, and Jacob comes along to watch, Arthur won his class, and went onto be BOB, our friend Sue with Jeeves (Mompesson Flawless is Madaza) won his class post grad, and they also won their stakes class AV Post Grad, well done to you both.

12th Feb 2011

Not so much dog news today as cat news, one of my cats "Smokey" has had a visit to the vets, he is quite poorly, he has had antibiotics and has to go back tomorrow, it's thursday and Smokey is no better, so the vet has taken him to Rutland Hospital, were he is going to have tests.

The tests are back, he has an enlarged galbladder and is very jaundice, he will have to stay in till monday!!! I won't even start to tell you the cost!!!!

16th Feb 2011

Today we are off to the Mildland ESS Open Show, our judge for today is breed specialist Ms Sue Long (Tryhard), I have entered Arthur into Open Dog, and to my delight he was placed first, even though the day before he had eaten a tub of "kerrygold butter" and was very sick all day (serves him right!!!) he really is getting worse. Our friend Sue with Jeeves was placed second in both her classes well done to you both.

Smokey is home, feeling much better, just have to get the tablets down him now!!!!

20th Feb 2011

Today, we are off to The Southern English Springer Spaniel Champ Show,were our judge for today is Breed Specialist Nicola Calvert (Calvdale) the journey down there wasn't the best, but we made it. Arthur was entered into Limit Dog and the Open Stakes, A great start with Arthur winning his Limit Class (9 entries) and then being placed second in his stakes class, a big thank you to Nicola. I am so proud of him, what a Dude!!!! I was then asked to handle Woodspa Willow for Lesley, she was lovely, and we were placed fourth. We arrived home tired but very happy and proud.

26th Feb 2011

Yep I am mad, today we are going to St Helens for an Open Show, our judge today is Breed Specialist Mr Geoff Cunliffe "Fallenleaf), Arthur did me proud again and won his class, he was then awarded "Best of Breed", thank you to Geoff, we waited for Best in Show, and again really pleased to be shortlisted down to the last eight, thank you to Yvonne Billows.

27th Feb 2011

20th Mar 2011

Sunday morning and we (Arthur,Jacob and I) are of to Bootle,Crosby and South Liverpool Open Show at St Helens, our judge today is Ann Hutchinson, Arthur won his open class and went on to get BOB, we waited for the group and was pleased to be short listed, thank you the judge for her lovely comments about Arthur.

Well today we (The Boys, our friend Ann and myself) are off to Scotland, (I do like Scotland), to "The English Springer Spaniel Club of Scotland" Champ Show, our judge today is breed specialist Mrs Diane Conrad, Arthur is entered into limit dog and special beginners dog, I was really pleased when Arthur was placed second in Limit behind a really nice dog, and then placed first in special beginners dog, what a great day, if I am honest Arthur didnt move as well as he usually does, but he tried his best, many thanks to the judge, we didnt stay as Ann's dog "Max" has been really poorly and we needed to get back, hopefully he will be on the mend soon.

26th March 2011

The clocks went forward last night, and still a bit sleepy from yesterday, we head off to Goyt Valley Gundog Society Open Show, a good turn out for ESS'S today, our judge today is Mrs P Predeth, there were 3 in Arthur's open class, but he pulled out the stops and won his class, he then went onto get BOB!!, how pleased am I??? We waited for best in show, and the judge is Mrs Sue Harris (Barleyarch), what a great end to the weekend, Arthur was awarded "RESERVE BEST IN SHOW" a huge thank you to the judge's today, for their lovely comments about Arthur. I am so proud of him even if he is the naughtiest dog in the world!!!!!!

27th Mar 2011 - Arthur wins "Reserve Best in Show!"

Today is the Lancs and Cheshire Champ Show, and being on the committee we need to be there handy to help set up, our judge for today is Breed Specialist Mr George Clarke (Reulmill), Arthur is entered into Limit Dog, and Jacob comes along to watch, a super turnout today, In Arthur's class are 11 entries and to my surprise and delight he was placed second!!!! the dog who was placed first went on to get the RDCC, as always I am so proud of Arthur. Our friend Ann of Ultimutt came along to and we had a great tme, what a great atmosphere today, thankyou for all the lovely comments about Arthur.

3rd Apr 2011

Today is the English Springer Spaniel Club Champ show, so Arthuur, Jacob and I set off, our judge today is Breed Specialist Mr Ray Smith (Melverly), Arthur was placed 2nd in his mid-limit class and 1st in his good citizen class, again I couldnt ask any more of him, thank you to the judge for his lovely comments about Arthur.

I am so proud of him (yes I keep saying it, but I am), and thank you to everyone for your help and advice today, I really do appreciate it, we had a great day, with good company, lovely food and fab weather, what more could you ask for.

10th Apr 2011

It's Good Friday, and we are off to Accrington & District Open Show, our judge today is Ger Philpott (Caspar), a good turn out for ESS'S, Arthur was placed 2nd in open, and Jack Elliott got BOB and G4, good way to spend a bank holiday,

22nd April 2011

Today we are making the long journey to the ESSSC of Wales Champ show, our judge today is Mrs Angela Mitchell (Heulyn), Arthur is in Limit Dog, but today wasnt our day and Arthur was unplaced, but it was lovely to catch up with friends and have a chat.

17th April 2011

Saturday 30th April and Arthur, Jacob and I are of to WELKS Champ Show,our judge today is Mrs Jan Wood, if I am honest not expecting much, Arhur is in Limit Dog, and there are 9 entered, to my utter delight Arthur was placed 4th in a really strong class, thank you to the judge. Had a lovely day, even caught the sun!!! Thank you also for the encouraging comments about Arthur.

30th April 2011