Acregate Gundogs

Aug 2012 - Oct 2012

The end of summer and the beginning of autumn

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Well today, is National Gundog Champ Show and The English Springer Club Open Show, Judge for NGA is Breed Specialist Mrs Trudy Topliss (Beresford), a great entry for her, Arthur is in Open dog and was placed third behind to lovely Show Champions, big smiles from me as usual, he was then placed first in The KC Good citizen Class, more smiles from me.

Then onto the Club Open Show our judge today was another well respected Breed Specialist Mr Richard Bott (Quensha/Allenie) again Arthur was in Open dog, and was placed third, all in all a great day, lovely company and the weather for the best part was good, a long day but again going home so proud of Arthur.

4th Aug 2012

Saturday 11th Aug 3am in the morning and Jacob, Arthur and I are off to Bournemouth Champ Show, a 5hr drive (yep I am mad), our judge today is Mrs Wendy Cross, not a huge entry but a nice one, Arthur was in Open Dog and was placed third,  we didnt stay to long as the 5hr journey home was daunting, as always Arthur tried his heart out for me, what a dog, I love him to bits. We had a lovely day, brill company and lovely weather, A huge thankyou to everyone for your make me smile comments about Arthur, and how well he looks, it really is appreciated, a glass of cider and a lol on the sofa beckons!!!!

11th Aug 2012

Ok not the best idea in the world two shows in two days, but its a late start, so we are off to Bolton Canine Society Open Show, Our judge today is a change of judge, Anna Spencer, Arthur is in Open, and won his class, he then went on to get BOB!!, it gets better, we waited for the group and to my delight, Arthur was awarded Gundog Group 2 !!!!  I am still smiling now, I could burst with pride, thankyou again for the brill comments about Arthur, it makes it all worth while, A big well done to Kath and Winston on your puppy group 3 win, just call us smiler!!!!!

12th Aug 2012

OMG!!!!! where does the time go, I can't believe "Arthur" is four years old today,  It seems like a lifetime that he has been apart of our lives,  I have to work but we do have a small party planned for later and a large bag of toys, for them to play with!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Arthur - 4 today!!!!!

well missed a couple of shows, so today we are off to Richmond Champ Show in Surrey, our judge today is Breed specialist Mrs Beverley Nicholson (Kingsheath), Arthur was in Open Dog and was placed fifth behind four lovely Show Champions, met up with some friends, good to catch up, lovely weather, thank you for your comments about Arthur, as always i am so proud of him and all my boys, I just love them to bits, a long journey home, but a lovely day,

9th Sept 2012

Arther Richmond

A head shot of Arthur at Richmond Champ show - kindly taken by Lesley McCourt (woodspa)

Thank you Lesley

5am sunday morning and Arthur, Jacob and I are off to Darlington Champ Show, a bit of a dramatic start to the day with the motorway being closed off in two places, but we made it,  our judge today is Breed Specialist Mr K Simpson, Arthur was placed 4th in a lovely open dog class behind three lovely show champions. I had a lovely day, good company with some laughs, thank you, then back home for a relax, I am still smiling from today and also at how proud Arthur makes me feel.

16th Sept 2012

A day off today!!! we are off to Driffield champ show today, I did have my fingers crossed for good weather . . . I failed miserably!!! Mental note must leave wellies in the car!!!!

Our judge today is Breed Specialist Mrs Marion morgan, Arthur was placed fifth in Open dog, as always so pleased and proud of him. We also entered the KC GCDS Stakes Class, our judge there was Mr David Howarth, 32 entries all in all and to my delight Arthur was placed 2nd!!! and he won £25!!! WOW how clever is Arthur. Thank you to everyone for your lovely comments about Arthur, you don't know how much they cheered me up today, the weather might have been rubbish, but the company was great, thankyou for cheering me up,  back home for a relaxing evening with the boys.

21st Sept 2012

7th Oct 2012

today it's the Northern english springer spaniel Society's Open Show, over at Ripon Racecourse, I do like this show, our judge today is breed specialist Catriona Brough (Riselawroad), a lovely turn out, Arthur is in Open dog and was placed Second, really pleased as usual, he didnt put a paw wrong. I have to say the food is scrummie, so i had two lots of homemade cake!!!!!

The weather was lovely, and I managed to get some pictures taken of the boys, all in all a great day out.

Sorry for the lack of news, today we are off to "gundog society of Wales Champ show", our judge today is Mr Tom Mather (Barklots), Arthur was placed 3rd in a really strong Open class, thankyou to the judge for his lovely comments, it was also the "English springer spaniel club of Wales" open show, but due to the awful weather and traffic coming down, i decided not to stay, but to head home. had a lovely day catching up with friends, and spending time with Arthur and Jacob, then back home for a rest.

17th Oct 2012

sunday morning and arthur, Jacob and I are off to Scotland!!!! It's the English springer spaniel club of Scotland Open show, our judge today is Breed specialist Mrs Jackie Mitchell (Peasblossom), i do love going to Scotland, Arthur was placed 2nd in his open dog class, thank you to everyone for your lovely comments about Arthur, it really cheers me up, a great day, brill company and lovely food, what more could you ask for, then off home for a well earned rest,

21st Oct 2012

Happy birthday Jacob!!!! I really can't believe he is six today, the time has just flown by, my handsome boy, a dream to own and live with, big hugs Baby J!!!!!!

Happy birthday Jacob - 6 today!!!!

hooray the clocks went back an extra hour in bed, today we are off to Yorkshire Gundog Open show, a good entry of ESS's. the judge today was Mrs  e Craske, Arthur was placed 2nd in a lovely  class, well done to lyn on winning her class then going on to get BOB,  a real good day, with great company and a good laugh, well back to work tomorrow, roll on the weekend,

28th Oct 2012