Acregate Gundogs

Aug 2010 - Oct 2010

Aug 7th 2010

It's saturday 7th Aug, and Arthur, Jacob and I should be heading off to National Gundog Champ Show, but due to events out of my control we can't go, I was really looking forward to this show, and catching up with friends, thank you to everyone who has sent us good wishes, hopefully we will see you all next time, apologies to the judge Mrs Lillie, and congratulations to Jane and "Ash" who was awarded the DRCC!!!.

Boris is on the mend again!! only another 36 days of his buster collar and antibiotics to go!!!! Thanks Arthur!!!.

Monday 9th Aug, Arthur is entered into a limit show held by Southport and Birkdale KA, it's an evening show and after a tough couple of weeks I could'nt make my mind up whether to go or not, anyway Ann of ULTIMUTT, Jacob, Arthur and I decide to go, our judge is Mrs Sue Margerison (Kandrelli). Arthur was entered into AV Limit, I was thrilled when he was placed 1st, we then went forwaed for "BIS" and to my delight Arthur was awarded BIS!!!! Our friend Richard was awarded RBIS with his C/C Retreiver, what a lovely start to the week, Thank you to the judge for her lovely comments about Arthur.

Aug 9th 2010 - Arthur wins BIS!!

Aug 28th 2010

Saturday 28th Aug, Arthur, Jacob and I set off at 3.30am to collect Ann of ULTIMUTT and head for Edinburgh and The Scottish Kennel Club Chanp show, Arthur is in Limit Dog and our judge for the day is Mr R Sadler (Closebride), Arthur could only be described as bouncy today, but gave a good effort and was awarded 3rd place!!! Thank you to the judge. We left pretty handy and returned home around 6pm, having had a great day in Scotland, one of my favourite places.

Boris the Cocker Spaniel had great news, he was discharged from the vets, and is ok to go out and chase squirrels!!!!

Sunday 29th Aug, and it's raining. Arthur, Jacob and I set off for Darlington to North Riding Gundog Club Open Show, a little bit tired from yesterday.  Our judge for today is Mrs Jane Graham (Nyrilam) Arthur was in just the one class open , which to my delight he won!! He was then declared Best of Breed!!! a huge thank you to Mrs Graham.  We then waited for the Best in Show, and along with all the other BOB winners entered the ring, Our BIS judge is Mr Tom Graham (Nyrilam) to my absolute delight and surprise was chosen as "BEST IN SHOW"!!! What can I say, a huge thank you to Mr Graham. Needless to say I am the proudest owner in the country, what a great day!!!!

Aug 29th 2010 - Arthur wins BIS!!!!

Sept 5th 2010

Sunday 5th Sept and off we go to City of Birmingham Champ show, our judge for the day is Mrs Valerie Foss, Arthur is in Limit, but today wasnt our day, and Arthur was unplaced in a very strong class, never mind we enjoyed the day and of course the company.

Sept 8th 2010

Wednesday evening and we are off to a Limit show at Rossendale Valley Canine Society. Arthur is entered into AV Gundog Open, I was really pleased when he won his class, not quite used to evening show we arrived home quite late and tired.

Sept 19th 2010

Sunday 19th Sept, around 5.15am and Arthur, Jacob and I head off to Darlington Champ Show, weather wasnt upto much, but who cares. Arthur is in Limit and was placed 5th, which I was really pleased with, we didnt stay for the Stakes class due to having to get back to my mum, anyway back to reality,

Sept 26th 2010 - Arthur wins RBIS!!!

Sunday 26th Sept and we are off to meet our friend Sue with Jeeves (Mompesson Flawless) at Stoke on Trent & District Gundog Club, our judge for the day is breed specialist Mr Geoff Cunliffe , Jeeves had a great day, winning his junior class, getting RBOB, runner up in the RBOB class, and also winning both his stakes classes!!!! Arthur also had a great day winning his open class, getting BOB and then going onto being awarded RBIS!!!!! Our BIS judge was Mrs Louise Oxley (Crankross), I couldnt ask for more,

Sunday 3rd Oct and Arthur, Jacob and I head of to the Northern English Springer Spaniel Open show, our  judge for the day is Lee Cox, Arthur is entered into Limit dog,  the largest class of the day, he did us proud and was placed 2nd, the weather was awful, but I did manage to get some lovely pictures of all four boys together, as always a lovely day at the Northern.

Oct 3rd 2010

Saturday 9th Oct and we are heading of to South Wales Champ Show, Our judge for the day is Mrs Frances Jackson, Arthur is entered into Limit dog and surprised me when he was placed 4th, he was also entered into "The Pets as Therapy Stakes Class" and agaion to my delight and surprise was placed 1st!!!!, this means he has qualified for the final which will be at Crufts on the Thursday!!!

Oct 9th 2010

Wednesday 13th Oct and Arthur, Jacob and I head of to The Gundog Society of Wales Champ show, hooray a day off in the week!!!, Our judge today is Mr Goran Haran, again Arthur is in the largest class of the day, but took it all in his stride to be placed 3rd!!, Better still Harvey (Arthur's dad) won the DCC this being his 3rd and making him into a Show Champion!!! Well done to Jane and Harvey.

Oct 13th 2010

Sunday 17th Oct, the whole gang set of to collect our friend Ann, and head to Scotland (I love Scotland) to the English Springer Spaniel Club of Scotland Open show, Our judge today is Mr Graham Honeyman, Arthur won his class - Limit Dog, and we even won a prize on the raffle!!!!, good day all round.

Oct 17th 2010

Sunday 24th Oct and Ann and I are off to a Grooming competition (only as spectators) as it is Ann's birthday (21 again and again!!), we had a great time, not sure we picked up any tips on grooming, but had a great time anyway.

Oct 24th 2010

Sunday 31st Oct Hooray!! an extra hour in bed!!! today Our Friend Ann, myself, Jacob and Arthur head off to the Midland English Springer Spaniel Champ Show,Our judge for today is Ms Christine Savell, Not sure whether we were looking forward to showing or just the Buffet!!! Arthur was entered into Limit Dog (again one of the biggest classes of the day), to my utter surprise and delight Arthur was placed First, how proud am I?? A big thank you to our judge for the lovely comments about Arthur, Ann and I then went on to enjoy a wonderful buffet, and ate to much (as usual for me). Arthur is having a great year!!!.

Oct 31st 2010