Acregate Gundogs

April 13 - June 13

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7th April 2013

Today we are of to The Lancs & Cheshire Champ show, being on the committee we get there in plenty of time, Our judge today is Ms Sandy Hall, Ralph is up first in minor puppy dog, he was placed 3rd, he was then placed 2nd in maiden and 5th in novice. Arthur was in Open dog, but today was unplaced, as always the boys gave their all, i couldnt ask for any more from them,

It was a great day, with lovely food, a great atmosphere, and nice to catch up with people, thankyou for the lovely comments about the boys. Must also thank david and Beverley for coming along and taking the club pictures for us.

The picture to the right is "Ralph" - "Melverly Desert Strike over Acregate", taken on the day by David, thankyou.

well they said the weather would be awful, but the sun was shining today, Jacob, Arthur, Ralph and myself are off to the "English Springer Spaniel Club" Champ Show, our judge today is Breed Specialist Mrs Nicola Calvert (Calvdale),  Ralph is entered into 3 classes (we both need the practice) and was placed 2nd in each on, at last an almost sensible performance from Ralph today, Arthur is in Open Dog and was placed 4th behind 3 lovely dogs, the winner of that class went onto get the DCC, his 3rd so making him a Show Champion!!! As always the boys tried their best for me, thus making me the proudest owner in the country.

Had a lovely day, great company, lots of laughs, brill atmosphere and I also managed to get some very valuable help and advice on the Breed, thankyou, you know who you are!!!! back home, feet up and a nice glass of red, along with my real live Springer blanket.

14th April 2013

Today Jacob, Arthur, Ralph and myself are off to United Spaniel Association Open Show, after a really crap week I needed to get out, Our judge today is Breed Specialist Mrs Lesley McCourt (Woodspa), Ralph is in first with 2 in his class he is placed first!!! really pleased with him, he was then declared "best puppy dog", Arthur was in Open Dog and was placed first also. Ralph also won a 3rd in the minor puppy boozy stakes along with a bottle of red wine hooray!!!! Arthur was in the open stakes and also was placed 3rd, he won £3!!!! a great day all round, off home to get ready for tomorrow,

20th April 2013

Another long journey today for the boys and me, we are of to "The English Springer Spaniel Club of Wales" Champ Show, our judge today is Breed Specialist Mr bob Jackson (Mompesson), Ralph was in minor puppy dog and was placed 2nd out of 4!!!! and also 1st in novice dog, i am really pleased with Ralph he seems to be settling down a bit. Arthur was in open dog and was placed 5th behind four lovely dogs. As i always say i am so proud of my boys they always give me 200% , well the long journey home seemed to go on for ever, but a great day, with some laughs and good company, now for a glass of red wine!!!!

21st April 2013

Well where do I start about today, we are off to WELKS, arriving in plenty of time, Jacob jumped out of the car and landed funny, he was holding his paw up, so off I went in search of the vet, I must say the staff were first class, we saw Martin the Vet, and he diagnosed that Jacob had broken two toes and damaged his wrist, he put a splint on and gave him some pain killers, I really cannot fault the help, attention and care from everyone at WELKS , A HUGE THANK YOU. I would also like to thank Jane Eyeington, Kath and Beth Holt and Helen McLeary for all your help and support today, Ralph was in minor puppy dog, and was placed first, his friend "young Arthur" from Scotland was in puppy dog and was placed first, My Arthur was in open dog and was placed third behind to lovely Show Champions, to my utter surprise and delight Ralph was awarded "BEST PUPPY DOG" !!!!!! I can't describe the emotions of today, but one must be pride for my boys who never fail to give their all for me, I love them to bits, Well off home to get Jacob sorted, he is off to the hospital on monday morning for x-rays and a possible operation, I will keep you all updated as to his progress . . . . . .  wine now I think

26th April 2013


The picture to the left was taken at WELKS by Beth holt courtesy of Jane Eyeington, and is of (far left) Sh Ch Trimere Thriller DCC winner , (middle) Meadowdale Chaos RDCC, and (far right) Melverly Desert Strike over Acregate (Ralph) BPD

After a very stressful week, with Jacob and Boris, and also having to say goodbye to Hugo cat, we attended Rossendale Valley Canine Society Open Show, our judge today was Mrs J Henderson (Pendledell) a small entry of springers, Arthur was awarded BOB and Ralph was awarded BPIB, thankyou to the judge for her lovely comments about the boys, to my sheer delight and surprise Arthur was awarded RBIS for the second year running WOW how pleased am I??? Ralph also put in a sterling performance for bpis, but just couldnt quite contain himself long enough, but I am so proud of him as he has come on in leaps and bounds (literally) Thank you also to the best in show judge Mr G Clarke (Ruelemill) for your comments about Arthur, home noe feet up ready for tomorrow . . . . .

4th May 2013 - Arthur wins RBIS !!!!!!

Today we are of to bonnie Scotland to the English Springer spaniel Club of Scotland's Chaamp Show, our judge today is Mr John Thirlwell (Ferndel), Ralph had a good day being placed 3rd in MPD, Maiden and Novice. Arthur was placed 3rd in Open dog, a great atmosphere and a good laugh, must say a huge thank you to the committee for a lovely buffet, and for putting on a lovely show, back home and feet up ready to do it all over again. The boys are all stars, and always give their all for me, hugs all round I think.

5th May 2013

So a bit nearer home today, we are off to North West Canine Association Charity Open Show, the weather is beautiful and we are showing outside, Ralph is up first and won his junior class (no puppy class), then Arthur went and won his open class, I must say a huge thank you to Morgan Sielski for expertly handling Ralph to BPIB, Arthur was awarded BOB, thank you also to judge Mr D A Bennett (Jesham) for your lovely comments about the bouys, wow how proud am I. We waited for the group and I still can't believe it Arthur was awrded Gundog Group 1 and Ralph was awarded Gundog Puppy Group 2 !!!!!again a huge thank you to judge Mrs Ann Gallagher (Samgold) for your comments, I really can't say how proud I am of the boys, what a fab weekend!!!!!! Had a great day lovely company a good laugh and a great atmosphere!!!!!

6th May 2013


The picture to the left is of Ralph and his lovely Brother Darcy, taken by Kath Holt  at St Helens,

Were do I start WOW WHAT A DAY !!! - Today we are off to National dog Show, our judge today is Breed specialist Mr Colin Woodward (Wadeson), Ralph is in first, what a great start to the day, he is placed first out of 3 lovely puppies, he waw later awarded BPD, Arthur is up next in Open dog, OMG !!!! Arthur is placed 1st!!! then it just gets better, he is then awarded the DCC - his 2nd!!!! A HUGE thankyou to the judge for his comments about the boys, and for making it a day i'll never forget, -

A huge well done to Jane Eyeington and Meadowdale chaos for getting the RDCC!!!! what a day for Meadowdales. Congratulations to Ralph's Mum "SH CH Melverly Sublimity" and Ray Smith  on her BCC and BOB win, and for being shortlisted in the group.

10th May 2013 - Arthur wins his 2nd CC!!!

Today we are off to The SCottish Kennel Club Champ Show, the weather is awful to say the least, our judge today is Breed Specialist Mr John Lillie (Freeway), Ralph is in first and was placed 2nd in Puppy dog, then Arthur was in Open dog and was placed 2nd behind Jane and Chaos who went on to get the RDCC!!!! wow what a day for Jane and Team Meadowdale, didnt hang around, just wanted to get back home and dry out!!!,

Feet up and a well deserved rest . . . . .

18th May 2013

well a bit nearer home today, we are of to Shropshire Gundog Society Open show, our judge today is Mrs Jane Howarth (Arkview/Moorbrook), a great turn out for ESS'S, Ralph was placed 2nd in puppy and 3rd in puppy stakes, Arthur was placed 1st in open then to my delight was declared BOB. We waited for BIS our judge was Mrs Meriel Hathaway, Arthur didnt put a foot wrong and was awarded BIS3 !!!! wow another super weekend for the boys, I'm so proud of them, they make me smile everyday, thank you to everyone for your lovely comments about the boys . . . . .

26th May 2013

Well to say I'm not in the mood is an understatement, I really could have stayed in bed, but we are of to the NESSS  Champ Show at the lovely location of Hurworth Grange, our judge today is Breed specialist Mrs Barbara Ganarin (Berkenbar) Ralph is entered into Puppy dog, Novice dog and Special Awards Junior, to my delight he was placed 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, and some money along with it, next Arthur is in Open dog, a lovely class, to my utter delight surprise Arthur was placed 1st!!!,  we went back in for the challenge and OMG!!! WOW Arthur was awarded the RDCC!!!!! (his 3rd), I can't tell you how I feel, I am so proud, and over whelmed by everyones comments, and kind words, I am still smiling, and hugging Arthur, poor thing doesnt know what he's done,

I floated all the way home. a huge thankyou to the committee for a brill day as always, Another heart felt huge thanks to Barbara Ganarin for thinking enough of Arthur to award him the RDCC!!!!!

9th June 2013 - Arthur wins his 3rd RDCC!!!!!

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What a fab day, today, Arthur won his open class, and then was declared BOB, under Judge Mrs Jacqui Ward (Mianja), he then went on to win BIS!!! under judge Mrs Jane Howarth (Arkview), Ralph won his puppy class, and was then declared BPIB, under Mrs Jacqui Ward (Mianja), then went on to BPIS3!!!! under Mrs Jane Howarth, I can't tell you how happy, proud, delighted I am.  I am smiling now as I jott all this down, how lucky am i to have such wonderful dogs, who never cease to please me, thankyou to everyone for your lovely comments.

The picture to the left was taken today at East Riding Gundog Society Open Show, by Kay Woodward, and is of Arthur winning BIS!!!

The picture to the right is of Ralph taken today, winning BPIS3!!!

Thanks to Kay for the lovely pictures of the boys,

16th June 2013 - Arthur wins BIS & Ralph wins BPIS3 !!!

Today Ralph went for his eye testing - Great news he has passed his Glaucoma - Clear non effected and his annual eye test was also clear!!! Phew always glad to get them over and done with, super comments from stuart Ellis about Ralph's eyes, thank you,

17th june 2013 - Ralph 's eye testing clear for both tests


OMG!!! WOW!!! what a day for Arthur, Today we went to Blackpool Champ Show, the weather wasn't great, but managed to get in dry, Ralph was in first and he WON his puppy dog class!!!!, next Arthur was in open dog, and what a lovely class of dog it was, to my utter surprise and delight Arthur WON his class!!!! We went back in for the challenge, and OMG the judge (Mr George Clarke - Reulemill) handed me the green card !!! (It's a moment I will NEVER forget), thank you so much for making my dream come true, not sure of the rest of the day, it was a total blurrrr, this is Arthur's 3rd CC!!! I can't tell you the feeling of pride, happiness, disbelief, the list goes on. I am the proudest owner, a big thank you to my boys who always give their best and never let me down, I love you all to bits!!!!! Must also say well done to Trudy on the RDCC with Nico, and Ray for BPD with Monty.

22th June 2013 - Arthur wins his 3rd CC!!!!!!

Well a mad one of to North of England Spaniel Club open show, after such a fab day yesterday, our judge today is Mrs S Veevers (Mossland), Ralph was placed 2nd, in his class, Arthur won his class and BOB, we waited for BIS, the judge was Mrs E.J.Walker (Gloi) and OMG !!! she awarded Arthur BIS!!! What a fab end to an amazing weekend, I cried all the way home, along with floating, poor Arthur I keep hugging him and he doesn't know why!!!

23rd June 2013- Arthur wins BIS!!!!