Acregate Gundogs

Apr 14 - June 14

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Well, were do I start about today, the boys and I set of to our Club show (The ESS Club Champ Show), being the membership secretary at my first Champ show was a bit nerve wracking. Arrived bright and eary along with the committee, all set up and ready by 9am, Our judge today is Breed specialist Mr John Robson (Crooksbarn). Have to say didnt think i would make it, having a trapped nerve in my leg, but we got there. Ralph was in first in Yearling dog, and won his class. Arthur was next in, in Open dog, and omg!! he won the class. Back in for the challenge and OMG!!! Arthur was awarded the DCC !!!! yes the tears flowed. well done to Dave Mitchell on the RDCC with Peasblossom Jester.  We then waited for BIS , Another well done to Dave Mitchell for the BCC with Holly (Her third), what a lovely day so far, but it got better as Arthur was awarded BIS!!!!! WOOHOO!!! OMG!!! what can i say, a huge thankyou to the judge, for making another dream come true. Needless to say we floated all the way home. Thank you to everyone for your messages, comments etc. A day I will never forget.

13th Apr 2014 - Arthur wins BIS at "The ESS Champ Show"


An early start today, we are of to WELKS,our judge today is Breed specialist Mrs Yvonne Billows (Robil),  both boys entered. there isn't a yearling class so Ralph is in Post Grad for the first time, it was a super class and Ralph was placed Third, how chuffed am I?? Arthur was in The GCDS class and won it, the weather wasn't that kind but we had a lovely day catching up with friends. I must say I was so delighted to to see our really good friends Kath and Beth Holt make "Bonnie" AKA Trimere Tranquiliser at Bethryn ShCM up on the day too. A HUGE WELL DONE FROM US.

26th April 2014

What a lovely day today, the sun shone and we spent the day with friends at Rossendale Valley Canine Society Open Show, our judge today was Breed Specialist Sue Long (Tryhard), just Ralph entered, and he won his class, well done to Ray with sophie on BOB. Must say I've caught the sun, looking a slight pink colour now, Well back home, feet up, ready for monday and my judging appointment.

3rd May 2014

Well the weather is poo, and we are off to National dog Show, managed to get the boys in dry, our judge today is Mrs Penny williams (Bournehouse), Ralph was in first in Graduate dog and was placed 4th, then Arthur went into open dog, and to my delight he was placed first. we then went back in for the dog challenge, and wow Arthur wins the RDCC!!!! how chuffed am I. thank you to everyone for your lovely messages and comments about the boys, needless to say the weather didnt bother me going home, a HUGE thank you to Mrs Penny Williams. What a fab day for the boys.

10th May 2014 - Arthur wins the RDCC !!!

Two shows this weekend, and both near enough in the same place, I must be mad!! We are off to Redditch & District Canine Society Open Show. Just Ralph entered, Our judge today is sue Clifford (Coppersheen), Ralph was in Post Grad and came second. Have to say the weather was beautiful, great day out, with some laughs along the way. Back home getting ready for tomorrow.

17th May 2014

And off we go again, this time we are heading to Coventry & District Kennel Association Open show, again just Ralph entered, our judge today is Breed Specialist Mrs Sue Joyce (Felltops). Ralph won his Post Grad class and then went on to get Best of Breed. Huge thank you to our judge for her lovely comments about Ralph. We then waited for the group, the judge was Mr Russell Mosedale (Knightsbay), there were some lovely dogs in the group, and WOW Ralph won Group 1 !!!! how proud of Ralph am I ? Again a huge thank you to the judge for his lovely comments about Ralph. Our wins today meant we won our last points for our "Show Certificate of Merit".

18th May 2014 - Ralph wins Group 1

A local show this weekend, today we are off to Chester City & County Canine society Open Show, Our judge today is Mr C Tomkinson, a bit of a hickup at the show with the schedule stating Gundogs not before 11am, unfortunatly the Cockers who were in before ESS' s were judged before then. Judging suspended till 11am and then resumed, Not sure what to put next as there was a bit of a query as to Ralph's placing, etc. But life would be very plain without these hickups and i'm sure it will "All come out in the wash" at some point. But apart from that a lovely friendly show and the weather was great to.

25th May 2014

I'm sure in the past I have said I am never going to a show on a friday because of the traffic. Well today we are off to Southern Counties Champ Show and yes it's a Friday, both boys entered, our judge today is Mr Chris Bexon, not the biggest entry for ESS's but a great atmosphere nether the less, Ralph was in first in Graduate Dog, a lovely class with super dogs, to my delight Ralph was placed first. Arthur was in next, Open Dog, a smashing class of Show Champions, Arthur showed his socks of for me, and was placed second behind a super dog who went on to get the ticket, Arthur was then called back in to challenge for the RDCC, and WOW he was awarded it!!! A huge thank you to Jane (Arthur's Breeder) for handling him in the challenge. We had a little get together for Kath and Bonnie, which gave everyone a chance to chat and mingle. then the treck home, OMG the traffic was horrendous, eventually arrived home about 8.50pm, exhausted but delighted with the boys, who always give me their all and more.  

30th May 2014 - Arthur wins the RDCC !!!

What a fab morning weather wise, today we are off to Ripon Open Show, Beth Holt (Bethryn) is our judge today. Ralph is in Post Grad dog, which he won. he then went on to get Best Dog. thanks to Beth. We then waited for Best of Breed which was beteen Ralpbh and his sister Ruby, A huge well done to Ruby who was Best of Breed with Ralpfh getting Reserve best of Breed. Great day with brill company and lots of laughs jut what i needed.

1st June 2014

Today is The NESSS Champ Show and also their Ruby Anniversary, well what a lovely day it was, lots of celebrations, brill food as usual and great company. Our judge was Per Iversen. Ralph was in first in Graduate dog and was a very respectable 2nd, then Arthur was in open dog and again was a very respectable 2nd. In the lunch break there was special classes, Sally foster was judging them, ralph was 4th in his class and Arthur was 3rd in his. A super if tiring day,

8th June 2014

Today we are off to Scotland, Border Union Champ Show, and our judge is Wendy Walker (Dexbenella). Must say i really enjoyed myself shared the journey with Kath holt and Ray smith, well what a laugh we had, it really made the day. Ralph was in first in Post Grad dog, what a super class, he was placed 5th, so pleased with him , Arthur was in Open dog and he was placed 3rd, and as always he showed his socks off. A long and tiring day, but oh what a day of laughs, thansk for a super day.

15th June 2014

A mid week show and what gloriuos weather, needless to say i got sunburnt, had a fab day at the Cheshire Show, great company and lots of laughs along the way. Just Ralph entered in Post Grad dog which he won he then went on to get Best dog. He was the awarded Reserve Best of Breed. Off home to cool off.

18th June 2014

A sort of local show today, blackpool Champ Show, our judge today is Caroline Robinson, not our best day result wise, but as always the boys gave me their all and more, i couldnt be more proud of them. Ralph was 5th in Grad Dog and Arthur was 5th in Open Dog. Must say did have lots of laughs with brill company, thank you . Another hot day and more rosy red faces from the sun, All this nice weather is so exhausting.

15th June 2014