Acregate Gundogs

About me

Having grown up around animals I suppose it was inevitable that I would end up working with animals at some stage, little did I know then that animals would be my life,


When certain things happen in life people deal with things differently, and I did, My dad was a huge part of my life and when I lost him it affected me immensely, so taking the advise "I needed to get out again" along came "Oscar"  (my soulmate, and best friend ) a black and white English Cocker Spaniel, I took him everywhere with me, I just loved him totally. Oscar is no longer with us, I miss him everyday.  Oscar is the reason for working with dogs.


Then life struck again, and I lost a very close and special friend unnecessarily, why people do certain things no one knows, but along came "Boris" (my canine pack leader and a law unto himself) a Blue Roan English Cocker Spaniel, Training had to be a part of my life now!!!!


Then the fun started, I decided I wanted another dog, and maybe try my hand at showing (always willing to learn) , I was so fortunate to meet Jane and Steve Eyeington, and along came "Jacob", WOW how gorgeous is Jacob, Loyal, sensitive, keen to please and a dream to live with, (how lucky am I?). Jacob is 9 now.


And last but definitely not least here comes "Arthur" , naughty, happy, a proper show off, but most of all the cuddlest dog in the world, He is 7 yrs old . . . . and counting. Thanks to Jane and Steve for Arthur.


The latest edition is Ralph, the clown, everybodies friend, a real social butterfly, Ralph is 3 yrs old now and i love him to bits.


Well, back to me, I am a member of the APDT (association of pet dog trainers), affiliate to the BIPDT (british institute of professional dog trainers) and also a member of the ADTB (academy of dog training and behaviour), During the day I walk dogs, Instruct of an evening and cover the basics of dog behaviour via home visits etc, then usually of a weekend Arthur, Jacob and I go off  to shows, and have some fun,


But yes I definitely have a "dogs" life and love every minute of it, and the people I have met who have turned into some really special friends.

The picture to the left is of Arthur and myself at Liverpool KA, after winning BOB.